Inpyo! Hi, Mike. I’m glad you could make it.





Wow. Seoul is beautiful. I like nice cities. Where is that bridge in the picture? What two places does it connect?


Below you will find class assignments that will help you e-nun-ci-ate more clearly. We will pay special attention to the letter T in this lesson. Also, if you would like to be an advanced-level student, we need to build your vocabulary and perfect your in-flec-tion.

Assignment A: Inflection. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

1. For example, without raising your voice, I want you to say the statement, “It‘s okay”, sounding (a) doubtful, (b) sad, (c) happy, (d) angry and, (e) as a regular statement.

2. Please now give me a definition for the word inflection.

Assignment B: Enunciation. It’s the new cool thing.

1. Please read the following aloud. Don’t forget to stress the letter T.

cement, concrete, connect, construct, dirty, doubtful, George Washington, history, New York City, statement, steel, street, thousand, tower, truck, were sitting

2. Please now give me a definition of what it means to enunciate your words.


Assignment C: Vocabulary. The trick is not to use big words, but to use everyday words in different shades of meaning.

Below you will find sentences using your enunciation words in bold, and a vocabulary word in italics. Read the sentences aloud. We will discuss the meaning of each sentence as you go along. Don’t forget the T’s!
(Cut-Off Assignment: Make another sentence for each one using the vocabulary word.)

1. The cement stairs were not made well and crumbled beneath his feet.

2. The construction worker built a concrete wall around the garden.

3. Each morning, Cindy called her twin sister out of an unspoken need to connect with her.

4. A tailor can construct a shirt from cut pieces of fabric.

5. Although the streets are kept clean, a thick smog hangs over the city.

6. The cynic was doubtful of all the priest said.

7. George Washington sat astride his horse.

bridge5.jpg(Hey! That tower looks like it is astride the bridge!)

8. History depresses some; others learn from it.

9. The people of New York City always boast that it is the best city.

10. A witness in the courtroom signed a statement about what she saw.

11. The ropes, which are made of steel, tower high above the bridge.


12. On the other side of the bridge, Mike imagined the streets full of people cheering for him.

13. Afraid of heights and water, Joe felt as if he had traveled *a thousand miles when he drove across the George Washington Bridge.

A long way to go.

14. The athlete steeled himself to run up the steps of the ten-story tower.

15. At night, all that could be heard from the bridge was the heavy rumbling of trucks.

George Washington Bridge

16. It was the Great Depression, and the girls were sitting under the bridge. bridge3.jpg


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